tabGeeks is a professional development conference for I.T. people at small-to-midsize businesses that focuses on the many varied challenges Tech Ops are faced with every day. One foot in the business world, one foot in tech, I.T. professionals must hone a pretty unique set of skills. From keeping networks secure, to educating users, to deciding what to put in the cloud and what to keep on prem, I.T. people have to do it all. tabGeeks is the only community exclusively for I.T. people, built by I.T. people.

We’re not your run-of-the-mill tech conference

We understand you have a limited event budget, which is why we do things a little differently than the big shows. Every one of our sessions is designed to be relevant to the average I.T. professional. And instead of thousands of attendees to get lost in, we cap it at just 80. This ensures every person you meet does roughly what you do, so all networking opportunities are relevant to you and your career.

Instead of spending 3 days listening to product pitches and sponsored speakers we focus on real I.T. experts who have what to share. And none of them pay us. We keep the sponsors out of the sessions and NEVER share our attendee list with anyone.

All the knowledge, inspiration, and networking of a massive conference in a small, intimate gathering of just I.T. people like us.