The WeAreDevelopers LIVE Week is a virtual (Web-based) event hosted by WeAreDevelopers, the largest community for software developers in Europe. 


Loaded with educational and inspirational talks, WeAreDevelopers is bringing together some of the world’s brightest minds from the technology, business and public sectors and transferring & creating knowledge on the latest happenings in software development as well as digital business and economics. The event targets an audience of >5,000 software developers as well as business decision-makers and will provide them with compelling live video talks, workshops and interactive sessions – free of charge for the participants.


Tech Speakers

  • Tanmay Bakshi (world’s youngest AI expert; Author, AI/ML Architect)

  • John Romero (President at Romero Games Ltd.)

  • Brenda Romero (Game Designer – Wizardry, Train, D&D, Def Jam), 

  • Lee Boonstra (Developer Advocate – Google/Dialogflow) and many more.