quotes I don’t think that most of the really best people that I’ve worked with worked with computers for the sake of working with computers. They worked with computers because they are the medium that is best capable of transmitting some feeling that you have, that you want to share with other people. quotes

- Steve Jobs

Being a software engineer in such a fast changing and growing field requires constant learning and being up-to-date. Starting from my university I was seeking conferences and information to implement into my practice and to refresh my skills. Through the last 10 years, participating in multiple conferences and being a speaker myself, inspired me to create a bright website as a comfortable tool for software engineers in their everyday work.

Feb 10th, 2018

Pushing the first commit

It was during my time in Frankfurt when I decided to build a tool to solve my own problem. Enjoy Tech Conferences in a tool build for that.

This tool is aimed for everyone, from being a student to a leader of the company. It's a full catalogue of best IT-conferences all over the world gathered in one place. Here you can easily find software talks according to the topic you are interested in. You can not only watch, but also create your own list of featured conferences and watch them later.

The only thing you have to do, is to register yourself with your email and stay updated. Every sunday you will receive a featured talk with hot topics covered.

I wish you an exciting journey!

More information about me you will find here: www.miguelangelmartin.me and for personal contact you can reach me on Twitter