Lambda World 2019 - Painless software development with Haskell - Paweł Szulc

by Paweł Szulc 46:09 63 views 100% Published 2 years ago

In this Lambda World 2019 presentaion, Paweł Szulc shows the benefit of programming with Haskell.

Full Presentation Description:

Developers interested in seeing Haskell being used as a general programming language. Engineers hoping to see Haskell as an environment in which one can quickly and effectively iterate between requirements, design and running, executable code - providing value to the business with an immediate feedback loop. Developers eager to see how they can rapidly create software that is flexible to changes, extensible and testable.


basic understanding of Haskell syntax (functions, composition, do-notation, type classes)
basic FP building blocks: functor, monad
(optionally) some previous exposure to free monads
(optionally) scars and war stories of using tagless final in Haskell
Tech stack we will explore:


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Lambda World 2018

Lambda World 2018

From 25/10/2018 to 26/10/2018 in Cadiz, Spain