JS in Extreme Conditions: WebApps for the Refugee Aid Movement by Taylor Fairbank | JSConf Bp 2019

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Building web applications to power the refugee aid movement results in some interesting performance considerations. Will it load on a refugee camp’s wifi, shared by 500 people and beamed in from a town 4km away? Can it work offline, so that aid workers in the field can still get their job done even if they lose cell signal? Will it run on anything from a decade old donated laptop running Windows Vista to a brand new iPhone X? Is it easy to use by the hundreds of short term volunteers who show up each week? This talk will discuss performance considerations for these questions, explore tradeoffs, and describe our current solution. It will focus on javascript, but also touch on other web technologies or organizational considerations where appropriate.

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I like building ethical technology and operational planning, which is what I'm lucky enough to do every day at Distribute Aid. I studied computer science at the University of Illinois, and have previously founded a startup which was accepted into Y Combinator. When I’m not coding or organizing, I enjoy hiking and learning to cook new vegetarian dishes.

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