Universal Vue applications with Nuxt.js | Chris Noring

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When developing any SPA application you like the fact that you get apps that are fast and snappy. There are other problems though. Your app might take longer to load than usual and your search engine is struggling to crawl your app and your SEO suffers for it.

The solution to this for Vue.js is called Nuxt.js. Nuxt.js is a higher level framework on top of Vue.js that allows you to easily create Universal apps. Universal apps that are pre-rendered on the server and thereby have a much smaller bundle and has static files the search engine can crawl without a problem.

Let’s explore how you build apps with Nuxt.js and what properties and methods you have at your disposal to make this an enjoyable experience.

Additionally Nuxt.js allows you to share code between server and client, sounds exciting right?

Speaker: Chris Noring (Microsoft) | https://javascript-conference.com/speaker/chris-noring/

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