WebAssembly: Binary in Plain English

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The beauty of the web is that it works anywhere, no download and no installation. It has come a long way from text pages with links, but the only language that you could use to build applications for it was JavaScript - until now.

Think about cases where you need to use software outside of the browser: video games, 3D rendering, music production and more. These things require a high degree of performance and that’s where WebAssembly steps in - a standardized compilation target for native languages. The support rolled out last year in all major browsers, and there are exciting real-world examples already.

This will be your gentle guide into what is WebAssembly, why we need it and how you can benefit from it in your next project (even if you continue to work with JavaScript only). The future is here now and it looks fast and bright.


DACHfest 2018


Milica Mihajlija


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