GOTO 2019 • Going Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes Production Like a Pro • Bret Fisher

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This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2019. #GOTOcon #GOTOber

Bret Fisher - Docker Captain, DevOps Trainer and Consultant

Learn fast from my years of being a container consultant and Docker implementer. Come join me for a jam-packed session of decisions you need to make and key technical factors you should know. No fluff, all practicals. Updated for 2019 and based on my 3 years of top-10 DockerCon talks.
You should show up if:
• You are planning or involved with building/using a Docker production system.
• You are thinking of using Swarm and/or Kubernetes (but not required).
• You like random 80's/90's video game trivia thrown at you.
DevOps in the Real World is far from perfect, yet we all dream of that amazing auto-healing fully-automated micro-service infrastructure that we'll have "someday." But until then, how can you really start using containers today, and what decisions do you need to make to get there?
This session is designed for practitioners who are looking for ways to get started now with Docker and container orchestration in production. This is not a Docker 101, but rather it's to help you be successful on your way to Containerizing [...]

Download slides and read the full abstract here:
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GOTO Berlin 2018

GOTO Berlin 2018

From 29/10/2018 to 02/11/2018 in Berlin, Germany