Angular Monorepo Diaries | Balazs Korossy-Khayll

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Building a huge web application is challenging enough in itself, but developing it in an enterprise environment adds more complexity and raises several concerns. Nowadays, we often build such applications with Angular. In the web development world, modularization and component based development are all the buzz now, and monolithic architectures have a bad reputation. However, a new approach is emerging for codebases worked on by multiple teams: the monorepo.

We will talk in detail about the evolution of our Angular monorepo project, from a single application to a collection of related applications used by different functions in the company, made with built in Angular tools. We’ll look into how different development teams could cooperate working on the same codebase, keeping the code quality, and without breaking the other team’s application. We explore how we managed code reviews and permissioning for each part of the application.
We will discuss the technical challenges we have faced as well: how the monorepo fits with the modularization principle, how we managed our CI process and kept build times at bay. Also, how we made certain parts of the app reusable to other teams without entering the monorepos themselves.

Speaker: Balazs Korossy-Khayll (BlackRock) |

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