Web Development in 2020 - A complete roadmap

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EVERYTHING you need to learn Web Dev or keep your skills current in 2020! This curated list covers beginning web development all the way through advanced development.
View this roadmap here: https://coggle.it/diagram/XfeRbWj7xy3dsEX8/t/web-development-in-2020

1:06 basic frontend
3:50 recommended deployment platforms
5:15 no matter what route you take next
7:27 advanced frontend
18:40 backend
25:27 devops

If you take my recommendation, you'll take this track:
- learn basic frontend
- learn command line, SSH, and GitHub
- learn Parcel, SASS, React, and Webpack
- move to fullstack/backend and learn node.js, postgres, redis, go
- move to devops and learn docker, terraform, circleCI, digitalocean, aws

That right there, folks, gives you an AMAZING skillset!

Hopefully you find this web development tutorial, web dev roadmap, whatever you want to call it extremely helpful in learning web development in 2020. I know these little pieces of web dev information surrounding javascript, databases, etc all took years to stumble across for me personally.

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