GOTO 2019 • How to Become a Great Software Architect • Eberhard Wolff

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This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2019. #GOTOcon #GOTOber

Eberhard Wolff - Prolific Author of all Things Architecture. Working for 15+ years as an Architect & Consultant

Software architecture is very simple: You only have to split up one system and use modern approaches such as DDD or Microservices. This presentation shows completely different qualifications that a good software architect must have.
The focus is on the technical decisions that an architect has to make, how to best deal with such decisions and how to find out on what basis decisions can be made. And because software projects always take place in a team, soft skills and teamwork [...]

Download slides and read the full abstract here:
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GOTO Berlin 2018

GOTO Berlin 2018

From 29/10/2018 to 02/11/2018 in Berlin, Germany