Susanne Kaiser - Preparing For a Future Microservices Journey Using Wardley Maps

44:31 748 views 100% Published 3 months ago

The journey to Microservices can be very challenging due to infrastructure and operational complexities Microservices come with. That bears the risk shifting the focus from building your core domain to handing these complexities and ending up with compromises on parts of your software solution you should not compromise.

How can a small team handle infrastructure and operational complexities that come with Microservices and still deliver business and user value?

One approach could be to build your core domain - that differentiates you from your competitors - in-house and outsource undifferentiating commodities to utility suppliers.

In this talk Susanne will use Wardley Maps to visualise how the value chain can evolve when getting infrastructure components handled by different options: Going from open source software to Kubernetes' container orchestration, to Istio's service mesh and to Serverless technologies, such as AWS Lambda.

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