How Vodafone Built a Data Platform on Google Cloud (Cloud Next ‘19 UK)

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Hear from Vodafone Group as they discuss rebuilding their Data Ocean on Google Cloud so they could eliminate 600+ on-prem Hadoop servers and power BI, AI, and machine learning analytics. Deciding to rebuild from scratch on GCP allowed Vodafone to build a zero trust architecture with self-service features resolving the tension between security guidelines and user autonomy. They call this architecture Neuron, and it's the foundation for Vodafone’s Data Ocean. Within 9 months, Vodafone built Neuron on GCP and rolling it out to 11 countries to support everything ranging from 5G network optimization, smart retail, to analyzing the spread of disease in Africa. Join us to learn how they went about moving from on-prem Hadoop to GCP.

Session ID: SMAI202
James Malone, Product Manager, Google Cloud 0:10
Simon Harris, Head of Big Data and Cloud Analytics, Vodafone 7:27

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