The Case for Kotlin and Ceylon by Russel Winder

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Languages such as Kotlin, Ceylon, Rust, Go, etc. are showing how programming languages are evolving, in a real sense not in a fashion sense. The move to declarative expression (not necessarily pure functional) is rapid, as is a move towards "extensible classes" (something that dynamically typed languages have always had). Java evolves but nowhere near fast enough to harness these new approaches to programming. Should programmers think of switching to Kotlin and/or Ceylon? Yes. Is this a revolutionary thing? No. Both languages allow for mixed codebases. So it is possible, and indeed often desirable, to have mixed language codebases so as to make code more understandable and easier to maintain.

In this session we will take a peak at Kotlin and Ceylon to see why they are the way forward for Java programmers.

Russel Winder
Independent consultant, analyst, author, expert witness, trainer. Interested in programming, programming languages, concurrency, parallelism, testing and build.

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