Building sustainable enterprise apps with Vue.js - Chris Fritz

58:05 5972 views 95% Published 5 months ago

Have you built or are you thinking of building a potentially large app? Perhaps with a large team? If it's successful, will you have to maintain and build on this code for years or decades? If the answer to any of these question is yes, you're working on what I'd call an "enterprise" app.
But how do you know if Vue is a good choice for you? And if you choose Vue, how should you start? What questions should you be asking? How do you build a foundation that will keep you and your team excited coming to work 3 months, or even 3 years from now? In this talk, Chris will share what he's learned helping companies doing exactly this, including high-level strategies to:
- avoid major rewrites/refactors that block you from building features
- keep your app fast, especially as it grows
- reuse code and designs between web, mobile, and desktop apps
- avoid reinventing solutions to common problems
He'll also talk about Vue 3, what it means for your work, and how it will make building and maintaining large apps even easier.

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