How to build customizable and reusable Vue components by Filip Rakowski

24:18 1253 views 94% Published 6 months ago

While most of the mainstream UI libraries give their users a great experience out of the box they fail when it comes to heavy customization and non-standard use cases. Our goal was to create a customization-first library and during the talk, I will share what problems we encountered while trying to achieve this goal and how we solved them. I want to share everything we learned about creating reusable and customizable Vue components.
I will answer questions such as
When you should use slots instead of props?
Should we use props over CSS classes for style modifications?
What are the best use cases for scoped slots
How much customization is too much?
The talk is not meant to show Storefront UI. It’s just a case study and lessons learned that I want to share with other Vue developers to help them make better and more reusable components.

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