GOTO 2019 • Serverless 2.0: Get started with the PLONK Stack • Alex Ellis

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This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2019. #GOTOcon #GOTOber

Alex Ellis - Creator of OpenFaaS, CNCF Ambassador and Author

You’ve heard of LAMP, JAM, and MEAN, but what is the PLONK stack? And why should you be considering it for your Cloud Native Applications? How is Serverless 2.0 with the PLONK stack any different from its previous incarnations and how could it benefit you?
In this talk, Alex will introduce you to the PLONK stack – Prometheus, Linkerd2, OpenFaaS, NATS, and Kubernetes – that combines five of the most popular technologies from the Cloud Native landscape to form a complete PaaS / FaaS solution on Kubernetes.
The goal of the stack is to reduce the friction developers face when writing applications for Kubernetes. You’ll learn how each of these projects can be used and what kind of results you can expect when you combine them together as a complete platform in a live demo.
So come and find out how BT, LivePerson, Vision Banco are using this stack in production [...]

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