Bitcoin SV: The Massively Scaled Blockchain to Meet Developer Needs—Jimmy Nguyen & Steve Shadders

01:16:57 656 views 96% Published 3 months ago

Learn why Bitcoin SV is the massively scaled blockchain to meet developer needs, re-invent the Internet, and open career opportunities for developers (such as a new job category: Bitcoin script engineer). Bitcoin SV is the only project that adheres to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol, design and massive scaling vision for Bitcoin to become a global data ledger for enterprise, in addition to a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. By solving the scaling problems other blockchain platforms (like Ethereum) are facing, Bitcoin SV enables greater data, micropayments and technical capabilities. The Bitcoin SV blockchain has seen application development explode globally, with now over 400 known ventures and projects. By learning about Bitcoin SV, developers can prepare themselves to build powerful enterprise applications, launch their own start-up ventures, and be at the forefront of new blockchain jobs.
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