Supporting Pointer Interactions in iPadOS 13.4—Peter Steinberger

55:17 465 views 100% Published 5 months ago

With the just-released iPadOS 13.4, Apple added support for trackpad and mouse devices! Watch me code live on supporting pointer interactions into a large project using Xcode 11.4 and Swift. This is a chance for you to learn how the API works, how you can create bezier paths in-code (and what tools are there to help), and how to structure the handler in a way that is easy to read and extensive. We’ll also discuss a few tricks and hacks on how to make the process faster, how to make buttons react to events and official and unofficial ways how to differentiate between finger touches and pointer taps. This talk is based on my blog post: but is much more hands-on and shows a few tricks we have learned since then.
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