How to do good without doing anything - Yuraima Estevez | #LeadDevLive

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Speaker: Yuraima Estevez (Senior Software Engineer, New York Times)

There’s no arguing that building accessible websites is a force for good. Everyone, regardless of ability or disability, ought to have the right to participate on the web. But ensuring that our websites and apps work for everyone can be time consuming and isn’t always easy to get right. Luckily, investing a little bit of time on your accessibility workflow and setting up a series of automated tools will end up saving you tons of time and energy in the long run.

In this talk I will demonstrate how to leverage automated tools, clearly documented code standards and a well laid development process in order to make building and testing accessible apps a breeze. I will discuss the ways that I automate certain aspects of my development workflows to catch accessibility errors, define and set up tests for accessibility and go through the entire lifecycle of accessibility feature development using a real world example.

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