GopherCon Europe 2020: Johan Brandhorst - A Journey to Postgres Productivity with Go

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About the talk:
We will begin our journey by taking a look at a few different reasons why you would want to use a persistent data store, a relational database, and finally why you should just use Postgres most of the time. Having established what it’s used for, we will begin looking at the myriad of ways that the Go community has developed for working with databases, and Postgres in particular.

About the speaker:
Johan Brandhorst (@JohanBrandhorst) grew up and studied in Sweden but has worked in United Kingdom as a programmer since 2012 at both multi-national companies and small startups. He’s the maintainer of many big open source projects, such as the grpc-gateway and grpc-web. Having started with C/C++, he now spends his time working almost exclusively with Go, presenting at conferences around the world on topics as diverse as WebAssembly and writing REST services with gRPC.


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