GopherCon Europe 2020: Oscar Söderlund - Going Driverless at Einride: How We Developed a CAN Library

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About the talk:
On May 15th 2019, Einride’s Pod become the first cab-less electric truck to drive on a public road. A surprising amount of software running in this vehicle is written in Go.

I will give the audience a look into the software development of a driverless vehicle, and how Go can be applied to great success. The talk centers around a key problem we had to overcome at Einride to use Go for vehicle software development, namely CAN communication. I'll showcase the Open Source library we developed ( and share some learnings on leveraging the standard library, the runtime poller, and a code generator inspired by protocol buffers and gRPC.

The audience will walk away knowing more about driverless vehicles, the CAN protocol, the CAN-Go library, and an experience report from applying Go to a new domain.

About the speaker:
In 2018, Oscar Söderlund (@odsoderlund) left a cushy software engineering job at Spotify to seek the thrill of a New Game+ experience from Gothenburg's startup scene. Cue Einride, a crack team of technologists out to disrupt an outdated industry with sustainable transport solutions. When not hammering away at his keyboard or scribbling on whiteboards, Oscar likes to unwind from work with reality TV shows and the latest brews from Gothenburg’s craft beer scene.


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