GopherCon Europe 2020: Bubunyo Nyavor - Using Interfaces in Go

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About the talk:
Most people find it difficult to fully grasp the concept of interfaces in golang and how powerful they can be, because the way interfaces are thought to newcomers in Golang is fundamentally flawed. Most people who pickup golang do so from some other languages and extrapolate knowledge of what interfaces are from there, when in actual fact, the concept of interfaces in these two couldn't be any more different. This talk will touch upon how interfaces are particularly different from interfaces in other languages, how that makes it more powerful and how they can be used to build better services simply by understanding the concept behind interfaces.

About the speaker:
Bubunyo Nyavor (@KiddBubu) is a freelance software engineer from Ghana and an Administrator at DevCongress, the largest developer community in Ghana.

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