GopherCon Europe 2020: Roberto Clapis - Practical Fuzzing in Go

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About the talk:
Fuzzing is a commonly used technique among security engineers to find bugs and vulnerabilities in code. Its effectiveness has been proven over time to the point where some projects and companies have mandatory fuzzing coverage. The most common issue with fuzzing is that it is seen as a low-level arcane practice that does not apply to memory safe languages or that only hackers can use.With this session I will explain what fuzzing is, why it is useful and how to apply it to your code. I will provide detailed instructions and examples to get the attendees up and running to make their code more robust, correct and trustworthy.

About the speaker:
Roberto Clapis (@empijei) is a Security Engineer at Google. He loves to write, hack, customize, patch and tailor any software that allows him to do so. Roberto has been writing Go since 2015 for both structured, complex projects and scripts.


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