GopherCon Europe 2020: Raphael 'kena' Poss - Error Handling and Pitfalls in Distributed Go Apps

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About the talk:
CockroachDB has seen a relatively large amount of bugs in 2018-2019 due to improper error handling, in turn stemming from Go’s “idioms” (community recommendations). Close inspection has revealed that previous Go best practices turn into outright bugs and code complexity when the code is distributed and error handling spans a network. The various problems have been identified in the CockroachDB RFC here. The talk will summarize the main findings and generalize them to other Go projects beyond CockroachDB, as well as present the general design directions behind the general-purpose ‘errors’ library aiming to become a drop-in replacement to Go’s standard errors package in distributed Go apps.

About the speaker:
Raphael 'kena' Poss (@kena42) graduated with a PhD in computer architecture. I work with compilers and, lately, databases. I am also a major contributor to CockroachDB, one of the largest Go codebases. I like to scrutinise the choices made by the implementers of the Go compiler.


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