GopherCon Europe 2020: Nathan Davies - Come for the Language. Stay for the People

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About the talk:
Communities exist for all sorts of things. It may be a sports club, a religious group, a political group, or a social activity. A community can be around a shared interest, or shared desire to learn something new. A community can be location specific or spread around the globe. The Go community is a number of these; it is spread around the globe, with strong local representation. It is forged around a shared interest and a desire to learn. But what makes a community successful? Thinking about a traditional village community, the sort I grew up in, we will consider what makes those communities thrive and become desirable places to live and then apply those lessons to the Go community and see what we can learn. The aim here is to realise that we can all be Go community contributors and we all have a responsibility for the community and its success.

About the speaker:
Nathan Davies (@nathj07) is a father of two, husband of one. I love being with my family and exploring the great outdoors with them. I love hiking and mountain biking, and this is where I’m always planning to get to, always trying to find ways to get back out to the mountains. I’ve been in software development since we shipped software on CDs and our apps were locally installed. I’ve been using Go since 2013 deploying to public and private cloud. I’m passionate about the language and, as co-organiser of my local meetup, the community around it.


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