GOTO 2020 • When To Use Microservices (And When Not To!) • Sam Newman & Martin Fowler

by Sam Newman 38:44 4829 views 100% Published 5 months ago

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Sam Newman - Author of "Monolith to Microservices"

Martin Fowler - Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks


Upgrade your microservices knowledge by listening to a spirited conversation between two living legends: Sam Newman and Martin Fowler. The two touch upon the main reasons for using or not using microservices, and, if you decide to do use microservices, what else you should change along the way to fully benefit from the switch, plus much more. The interview is based on Sam Newman's new book "Monolith to Microservices":" rel="nofollow"> />


00:00 Intro

00:50 Series introduction

01:25 Why a new book about microservices?

03:50 When to use microservices

06:14 Don't use microservices as a default option?

08:35 Top 3 reasons to introduce microservices

11:00 How to avoid a distributed monolith

14:49 Why strive for independent deployment?

20:09 Organizations & teams

22:51 Handling data

31:57 Handling people

37:05 Outro

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