Modelling the Domain Model with the users mental model in mind - Anita Kvamme - DDD Europe 2019

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Domain-Driven Design Europe 2019

Modelling the Domain Model with the Users' Mental Model in Mind
Having a usability background, I see a lot of similarities between UX methods focusing on the user´s mental model and Domain Driven Design.

In this talk I will share my experiences from a 3 years project where we successfully used DDD to break up a big giant monolith application into a modularize solution. I will use real examples to illustrate both the easy and the hard part of modelling our domain model, with special emphasis on the aggregates

I will also share my reflections of whether our modelling challenges can partly be explained by focusing on the user¨s mental model, and how this can shed light on why defining the domain model sometimes is a struggle.

Anita is a UX passionate software developer. She has more than 20 years of experience with creating complex business critical applications, mainly for Equinor ASA, a huge Norwegian energy company.
Anita has experience from all parts of the software design process, lately focusing more and more on software architecture and hands on coding. She enjoys spending her workdays using her knowledge of the users and their domain and applying this insight toward the utilization of Domain Driven Design principles in the process of implementing new software solutions.

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