GOTO 2020 • Reaping the Benefits of Elixir: How to Get Started • Saša Jurić & Erik Schön

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This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. #GOTOcon #GOTOBookClub

Saša Jurić - Author of "Elixir in Action"
Erik Schön - Author of "The Art of Strategy"

Is Elixir the right tool for your job? Find the answer to that question from Saša Jurić, the author of "Elixir in Action". In this conversation, interviewer Erik Schön, Managing Director at Nordic and interviewee Saša explore key benefits and practices in using Elixir, a functional language with over 20k commits on GitHub.
The interview is based on Saša Jurić's new book "Elixir in Action":

00:00 Series intro
00:48 Episode intro
01:19 What is Elixir?
06:21 How does BEAM compare to other VMs like the JVM?
12:29 Can you compare Go or Dark and the BEAM languages?
19:52 Thoughts on static typing and the BEAM langugages?
23:24 Key benefits of Elixir from a business perspective
29:09 Who did you have in mind when writing the book?
30:21 What is unique about "Elixir in Action"?
34:20 Feedback on the book
35:52 Outro

Read the full transcription of the interview here:

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