Bug bounty at Swiss Post – Let’s follow the bug from A-Z

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In order to continuously improve the security of its digital products, Information Security of Swiss Post operates a private bug bounty program. In this workshop, you will meet the team behind it and will get an overview of the benefits and challenges that a large organisation is facing when dealing with ethical hackers. One of our best bounty hunter will show you how he found some of the most critical vulnerabilities in the System of Swiss Post. Then we will follow the bug trough the bug bounty platform that we are using directly on the desk of one of our most tech savvy developers. He will show you some great code and explain what our security champions do in order to learn from the collective intelligence of a global hacking community.

Sandro Nafzger – Head of Bug Bounty at Swiss Post
Blaklis – Ethical Hacker
Ewout Meij – Security Engineer at Swiss Post
Massimo Cotelli – Software Developer at Swiss Post
David Stienne – Security Champion at Swiss Post

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