GOTO 2020 • Increase App Confidence Using CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code • Angel Rivera

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This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2020. #GOTOcon #GOTOchgo

Angel Rivera - Developer Advocate at CircleCI

Ever run code changes through CI/CD and everything passed clean and green in the pipeline checks, then experience undetected critical failures in the live target environment post-deployment? This scenario is very common and impacts many teams and organizations even the teams with the most rigorous testing practices. In most cases this behavior can be eliminated by running basic Smoke Tests on the application live in their target environments. Smoke testing apps in target environments will expose unwanted patterns/behaviors and provide a solid understanding of how the application will perform.
This presentation will discuss the advantages of implementing Smoke Test patterns into CI/CD pipelines using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Learn how teams can leverage automation to ensure apps are tested live in target environments which provide valuable insights pre-deployment. Presenters will demonstrate how to leverage IaC to provision kubernetes clusters, deploy apps, test live then destroy all the resources created [...]

00:00 Intro
03:51 Smoke tests
12:41 Increase app confidence
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