GOTO 2020 • Apps, Algorithms & Abstractions • Dylan Beattie

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This presentation was recorded at GOTOpia November 2020. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia

Dylan Beattie - Creator of the Rockstar programming language and Microsoft MVP (and a real life rockstar, too)

It’s a familiar scenario. You’re on the train, your phone goes ‘ping’, you take it out of your pocket and hey — someone sent you a message! Awww… it’s a picture of a cat doing something funny. You send back ‘LOL’, you put your phone back in your pocket – but have you ever stopped to think about what’s actually involved in making that happen? Inside even the most basic smartphone there are literally hundreds of innovations, algorithms and inventions — but how do they really work? How were they developed? And what’s the next generation of algorithms and applications going to look like?
In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into the technology behind those everyday experiences, and demystify the algorithms and abstractions that make our digital world go round. We’ll talk about cellular data networks, signal processing, the fundamental principles of filesystem design, compression algorithms, and even a bit of quantum physics. Whether you’re a programmer, a product owner or just somebody who loves using the latest tech [...]

00:00 Intro
02:21 An engineering miracle
04:41 The telephone network
07:43 The Internet
09:51 Frequency, amplitude & phase modulation
22:52 Image compression
30:15 Text messaging
36:15 Outro

Read the full abstract here:
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