TypeScript + React = ❤️ - Ben Ilegbodu

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Talks recording from React Summit 2020

Website - https://reactsummit.com/

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# TypeScript + React = ❤️
TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that compiles down to vanilla JavaScript and has become increasingly popular. TypeScript proponents proclaim that it eliminates entire classes of bugs that affect our applications. But what exactly are those bugs? Which ones are particular to building React components and applications? Is TypeScript worth the learning curve?

In this session geared towards devs with prior experience building React applications, let’s answer those questions. We’ll walk through the common bugs that infect our apps and learn how the use of strong types with TypeScript can help prevent them. After the session, you’ll be itching to try it out in your next project!

Slides - https://slides.benmvp.com/2020/reactsummit/typescript.html

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