Flipper: The Extensible DevTool Platform for React Native - Michel Weststrate

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Talks recording from React Summit 2020

Website - https://reactsummit.com/

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# Flipper: The Extensible DevTool Platform for React Native
Are you a React Native developer? Have you always been longing for the rich ecosystem of developer tooling that exists for the web in e.g. Chrome and Firefox?
Flipper is Facebooks internal, extensible mobile devtool platform, used by the mobile devs that work on the Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more apps.

Recently the React Native and Flipper team have been working hard to add first class support for React Native as well. This means that monitoring network traffic and performance, using the React Devtools, inspecting device and application logs or even debugging JavaScript can now can now be conveniently done using one coherent tool.

And best of all: Flipper is extensible, so let's build our own plugin while at it!

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