GOTO 2019 • Real-life Quantum Computing • Jessica Pointing & Guen Prawiroatmodjo

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A note on this interview’s audio quality
This was one of the first Unscripted interviews we recorded in a busy live conference setting and without our usual recording setup, which is reflected in the somewhat low audio quality you’ll hear in this episode. This is not reflective of the audio quality featured in most of our videos, and we hope you’ll find that the fantastic content more than makes up for it.

This interview was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2019 for GOTO Unscripted. #GOTOcon #GOTOUnscripted #GOTOchgo

Read the full transcription of this interview here:

Jessica Pointing - Award-winning quantum computing researcher
Guen Prawiroatmodjo - Quantum Physicist making quantum programming possible
Jørn Larsen - CEO of Trifork

00:00 Intro
01:27 What led you to study quantum computing?
03:46 What is quantum computing?
04:56 Quantum computing and Albert Einstein
05:40 Do we have a notion of certainty?
08:16 What are potential applications of QC?
09:52 Cybersecurity risks with quantum computers
11:35 Is traveling through time possible with quantum computers?
14:08 Quantum computers & how they are built
17:54 Clustering quantum computers
20:26 Quantum computing algorithms
22:10 Gates in quantum computing
26:50 How long can the superposition be maintained?
28:08 Implementing quantum computers
30:00 What can you do with quantum computing today?
32:22 Quantum speedup, advantage or supremacy
34:00 What are the problems quantum computing is solving right now?
35:50 Is there a Moore's Law in quantum computing?
37:58 How can you get started in this field?
39:39 Outro
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