GOTO 2020 • Software Engineering - Development in 100 Years Time • Dave Farley

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This presentation was recorded at GOTOpia November 2020. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia

Dave Farley - Continuous Delivery & DevOps Pioneer, Award-winning Author, Founder & Director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.

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If we were to more clearly define our discipline what would that look like? If “Software Engineering” is real “Engineering” then wouldn't we expect the principles to be long-lasting, durable and probably unsurprising?
Dave Farley will answer difficult questions like, what sort of ideas will be as true of “Software Engineering” in 100 years as they are today? What are the foundations on which we could begin to build a true Engineering discipline for our profession?
This talk with Dave explores some of those ideas and describes why Continuous Delivery may be the best starting point that we have [...]

00:00 Intro
01:48 Software development 100 years ago
04:15 Big assumption
05:03 Idea: Language
08:30 Prediction
09:18 Idea: Frameworks
12:10 Prediction
13:17 Idea: Programing paradigm
15:52 (Risky) Prediction
19:49 Idea: TDD
20:50 Prediction
23:33 Ideas: Iteration, feedback, incremental, experimental, empirical
25:31 Prediction
26:29 Observation
28:34 Ideas: Modularity, separation of concerns, info hiding, loose-coupling, cohesion
31:00 Prediction
31:33 Observation
32:49 Idea: Continuous delivery
34:37 Prediction
34:54 Outro

Download slides and read the full abstract here:
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