GOTO 2021 • Why Architectural Work Comes Before Coding • Simon Brown & Stefan Tilkov

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This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. #GOTOcon #GOTOBookClub

Simon Brown - Author of "Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2"
Stefan Tilkov - Co-founder & Principal Consultant at INNOQ

How much architectural work needs to be done before you actually start coding? Should you know what software architecture is and how to use it even if you don't have the "software architect" title? And finally, how can you use diagrams to shape your software architecture?
In this Book Club episode, Simon Brown, creator of the C4Model, together with Stefan Tilkov, co-founder and principal consultant at INNOQ, help you get the answers to all these questions while helping you understand why software architecture is important for anyone involved in software development.
The interview is based on Simon's book "Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2":

00:00 Intro
00:34 Why software architecture is important for developers
04:14 Is "Software Architect" a role or a list of tasks?
06:36 How much architectural work comes before coding?
12:38 Importance of diagrams in software architecture
19:36 Outro

Read the full transcription of the interview here:

Simon Brown • Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2 •
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