Ian Cooper - Capability Mapping

41:52 23 views 0% Published 5 months ago

In their description of microservices, James Lewis and Martin Fowler noted that: “The microservice approach to division is different, splitting up into services organized around business capability” But what is a business capability? How do you find them? And why does orienting a microservice around them make a difference?

In this session we will try to shed some light on the black art of building a business capability map, and how you can use that to define the boundaries of your microservices. We will also look at ideas such as the Inverse Conway Manoeuvre and Products, not Projects that enable greater agility and product velocity through the alignment of microservices and capabilities.

Finally, we will look at how some technical concerns, such as integration can be soothed by better understanding how a capability map gives you more effective boundaries.

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