GOTO 2021 • When Test Driven Development Goes Wrong • Dave Farley

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We’re so pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Dave Farley, author of “Continuous Delivery” and frequent GOTO Conferences speaker, for a monthly video series featuring ideas about continuous delivery, DevOps, test-driven development, BDD, software engineering and software development in general.

Find plenty more from Dave on his Continuous Delivery YouTube channel:

Dave Farley - Continuous Delivery & DevOps Pioneer, Award-winning Author, Founder & Director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.

Test Driven Development is one of the best ways that we have to amplify our talent as software developers, maybe software engineers. This Software Engineering practice is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your code, but it is difficult to do it well, and it often goes wrong. The interesting thing is that when it goes wrong, it may be at its most valuable. TDD is a cornerstone of Continuous Delivery, BDD and DevOps. Using it to give us valuable, efficient feedback on the quality of our designs is at the heart of its value but is often missed by people who are new to it. Dave explores these ideas with some real code examples to demonstrate the value of TDD.

In this episode, Dave Farley explains 5 common ways that TDD goes wrong, how to fix them, and what we can learn from them.

Some of the ideas in this video were inspired by this blog post:

If you want to learn Continuous Delivery and DevOps skills, check out Dave Farley's courses

You can grab Dave Farley's new book 'Continuous Delivery Pipelines' here:
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