RedwoodJS: The Full-Stack React App Framework – Tom Preston-Werner, React Summit Remote Edition 2021

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React Summit Remote Edition 2021 #ReactSummit
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Talk: RedwoodJS: The Full-Stack React App Framework of Your Dreams

Tired of rebuilding your React-based web framework from scratch for every new project? You're in luck! RedwoodJS is a full-stack web application framework (think Rails but for JS/TS devs) based on React, Apollo GraphQL, and Prisma 2. We do the heavy integration work so you don't have to. We also beautifully integrate Jest and Storybook, and offer built-in solutions for declarative data fetching, authentication, pre-rendering, logging, a11y, and tons more. Deploy to Netlify, Vercel, or go oldschool on AWS or bare metal. In this talk you'll learn about the RedwoodJS architecture, see core features in action, and walk away with a sense of wonder and awe in your heart.

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