Learnings from Running 1000s of Production RabbitMQ Clusters • Lovisa Johansson • RabbitMQ Summit

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We’ve teamed up with RabbitMQ Summit to release a few of our favorite talks from their past conferences. Want to learn more? RabbitMQ Summit is back as a virtual conference July 13-14, 2021. Get your ticket: https://rabbitmqsummit.com

This presentation was recorded at RabbitMQ Summit 2018.

RabbitMQ Summit is a dedicated dev conference gathering the key figures and contributing coders who shape the open source project and radically improve the way we look at using the software, including senior engineers from VMware, 84codes, Bloomberg and GitHub. As always, the event is the only dedicated conference designed to connect thought leaders from the thousands of companies who rely on RabbitMQ.

Lovisa Johansson - Marketing Manager at 84codes AB

What We've Learned from Running Thousands of Production RabbitMQ Clusters

Since 2012 CloudAMQP has been running dedicated and shared RabbitMQ clusters for customers around the world, in seven different clouds. In this talk Lovisa will address the most common misconception, misconfigurations and anti-patterns in RabbitMQ usage, and how they can be avoided. Lovisa will talk about how you can increase RabbitMQ reliability and performance and she will also mention common RabbitMQ use cases among CloudAMQP’s customers.

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