Erlang, Elixir, Blockchain & Serverless… What?! • Ulf Wiger, Saša Jurić & Eric Johnson • GOTO 2019

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This interview was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2019 for GOTO Unscripted. #GOTOcon #GOTOUnscripted #GOTOcph

Read the full transcription of this interview here:

Ulf Wiger - Freelance Consultant & Core Developer Team Member at æternity blockchain
Saša Jurić - Author of "Elixir in Action"
Eric Johnson - Principal Developer Advocate - Serverless at AWS

00:00 Intro
01:13 Erlang’s first paying customer
04:28 Is Elixir the next generation of Erlang?
06:27 How to choose between Erlang and Elixir?
11:33 Your GOTO Copenhagen talks
14:03 Why did you choose Erlang for a Blockchain implementation?
17:25 Trying to objectify Erlang
18:38 Running Erlang or Elixir serverlessly?
28:31 Is Erlang short for Ericsson language?
30:03 Who would win a Sumo wrestling match – Erlang or Elixir?
30:22 Outro
#Erlang #Elixir #Serverless #BEAM #UlfWiger #SasaJuric #EricJohnson #æternity #Blockchain #EixirInAction #AWS #AWSserverless #VirtualMachine

Saša Jurić • Elixir in Action •
Joe Armstrong • Programming Erlang •
Dave Thomas • Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6: Functional •
Cesarini & Vinoski • Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP •
Simon St. Laurent • Introducing Erlang •
Logan, Merritt & Carlsson • Erlang and OTP in Action •

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