Idiomatic RabbitMQ • Gavin M. Roy • RabbitMQ Summit

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This presentation was recorded at RabbitMQ Summit 2018.

Find out why RabbitMQ is the most deployed Open Source message broker at the next RabbitMQ Summit, held virtually July 13-14 with speakers from GitHub, Bloomberg, VMwareTanzu (the creators of RabbitMQ) and more. As always, the event is the only dedicated conference designed to connect thought leaders from the thousands of companies who rely on RabbitMQ.

Gavin M. Roy - Technology-minded Geek who Enjoys Python & Erlang, Music & Gaming. Author of "RabbitMQ in Depth"

In this talk Gavin will cover AMQP in the context of its use in RabbitMQ with a premise that if you don't fully understand AMQP, you don't understand RabbitMQ. Gavin will discuss the by-directional RPC behavior, connections, channels, objects, methods and properties.

00:00 Intro
01:46 Beginner questions
02:27 Next level questions
03:15 RabbitMQ's identity
16:48 Message publishing
27:23 How will you use RabbitMQ?
28:02 Use RabbitMQ and DYI
29:34 Use the AMQ Model
45:12 RabbitMQ extensions
49:11 Architectural impact of embracing AMQP
51:06 Message flexibility
52:02 Outro
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Gavin M. Roy • RabbitMQ in Depth •

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