Maricris Bonzo Create Your Go Projects with TDD in Mind

25:12 25 views 0% Published 3 months ago

About this talk: Most new Go developers writes their code like everyone else; by writing code first. Maricris will tell you that there’s a BETTER & more REWARDING way to create Go projects. With TDD in mind. This is her story of how she discovered Go and TDD, & why she advocates for the use of TDD in people’s side projects.

About the speaker: My name’s Maricris. Pronounced like “Merry Christmas 🎄”, without the “mas”. By day, I’m a Developer Advocate at Magic. By wee early in the morning, or late in the evening, I’m a multi-passionate creative 🦄. This means I’m passionately taking action in a variety of spaces. A few of these spaces include: software engineering, blogging, youtube content creation, digital art, auth. & identity management, blockchain & self-sovereign identity, ♡ community building, and spirituality.

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