Sourcing the perfect product for your team: Build vs. Buy Month

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Learn from engineering leaders to make the best buying decision.

Buying software is often the answer for busy engineering teams in search of a quick solution with minimum aftercare.

But while your team may be sure of the problem - how do you go about searching for a product to fix it? Far from being the 'easy option', there is a lot you need to consider before you invest in a bought solution - user experience, cost comparisons, and support features to name a few.

This panel will consider how you can make sense of the ever-changing vendor landscape in a way that results in the right purchase for you and your team.

Key takeaways

- Understand and navigate the vendor landscape
- Avoid purchasing the wrong product
- Make sure your vendor meets your needs
- Identify and fix problems along the way

This webinar is in partnership with Rollbar

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