Fostering a sustainable scaling strategy

54:19 99 views 100% Published 5 months ago

Scaling engineering teams is notoriously difficult to do well; as organizations grow, the things that worked in the past soon become unfit for purpose and it can feel like every period of growth requires you to reinvent the wheel. But with intentional thought, scaling can be achieved successfully.

Our panelists have scaled tech teams to thousands of engineers at Slack, Glossier, Not On The Highstreet, Healx, and Peloton. They are joining us to share their experiences on how to take your tech, processes, hiring, and culture to the next level.

Key takeaways

- Identify and avoid the common pitfalls that occur when scaling
- Develop technology roadmaps that are flexible for future change
- Learn to scale your hiring capabilities and organizational processes
- Set the pace for successful scaling to make hyper-growth smooth

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