GopherCon UK 2021: Gergely Brautigam - Distributed Facial Recon

49:33 60 views 100% Published 2 weeks ago

With Kubernetes taking over the internet and hosting of applications and Go making it trivial to write a service, package it and deploy it, we haven an opportunity to combine these two like peanut butter & jelly. Put some glue in between, like NSQ and you can have a fully distributed independently working application stack. What should it do you wonder? Well, I always like OCR and image processing, so let’s throw some face recognition in there. Now, hook this up to your apartment or office, and you’ll get a nice system which can tell you who’s at the door based on people who you already know. And all you need is a little cluster, some Go, some Python, a tiny amount of docker and a camera.

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