GopherCon UK 2021: Stuart Murray - How Go powered our elastic search

54:39 132 views 100% Published 2 months ago

As our customer workloads continue to increase, we find ourselves engaging with a number of interesting scaling challenges. One such challenge was one of our Postgres database instances, which had become a bottleneck for running high operational workloads whilst also being subjected to certain other workloads.

We considered a number of solutions and determined that Elasticsearch would help us to remove this bottleneck. However, we needed a solution to listen to the events from our messaging queues and to create and update the relevant documents in Elasticsearch in order to make this work. Enter Go!

We built a Go microservice quickly and were able to efficiently take it to production, meaning that the project was a great success. We'll talk about:

* How we structured the solution to maximise maintainability and ease of rapid development;
* The strengths of Go that were really compelling to our use case; and
* Some of the challenges we overcame along the way.

This talk will be particularly interesting for people who are looking to efficiently implement architectural interventions in Go (including introducing Go into a wider technical environment), and for those who are starting new projects, but there should be something for most people.

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