Modernizing Enterprise Java • Markus Eisele, Natale Vinto & Ana-Maria Mihalceanu • GOTO 2021

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This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. #GOTOcon #GOTObookclub

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu - Java Champion, SW Architect, Developer Advocate at Red Hat, Co-Founder of Bucharest Software Craftmanship Community
Natale Vinto - Co-Author of "Modernizing Enterprise Java" & Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat
Markus Eisele - Co-Author of "Modernizing Enterprise Java" & Developer Adoption Lead EMEA at Red Hat

Is your Java application ready for the real world?
Join Markus Eisele and Natale Vinto, authors of the book “Modernizing Enterprise Java,” and Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, developer advocate at Red Hat, to uncover key ways to modernize your Java application.
The interview is based on Markus' & Natale's book "Modernizing Enterprise Java":

00:00 Intro
03:00 Steps to migrating your monolithic app to a cloud native model
08:34 When is the monolithic application better?
16:34 A concise cloud native guide
23:55 Tackling the transition from a traditional app to a cloud native app
30:10 How containers affect the speed of app development & deployment
36:44 Java improvements that help with developer productivity
41:34 How containers can help when working on different technologies
47:03 Misconceptions about cloud native
53:27 Outro

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