GopherCon 2021 - Day 3

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Welcome to the final day of GopherCon where we have been delving in to all things Go related since 2014! With another line-up of fabulous content, your GopherCon Host, Erik St. Martin, and special guest hosts, Johnny Boursiquot and Aaron Schlesinger, are excited to round out the conference with you!

00:00 Pre-Show
26:00 Welcome - Day 3
30:06 Mathilde Raynal - Taking the (Quantum) Leap with Go!
57:16 Arash Bina - Using CRDTs to Build a Highly Available Decentralized Service with Eventual Consistency in Go
1:55:20 Alan Shreve - Becoming the Metaprogrammer: Real World Code Generation
2:40:38 Lightning Talks
3:45:16 Sam Kamenetz - Be Smug, Debug: Why You Should Be a Delve Power User
4:30:24 Kevin Dangoor - A Journey from Big Python Monolith to Go Services
5:00:29 Go Time Live - Gophers Say!
5:48:10 Ben Johnson - Building Production Applications Using Go & SQLite
6:33:02 Johnny Boursiquot & Aaron Schlesinger - Unbound Concurrency in Go

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